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Apr. 21st, 2006 @ 02:37 pm World of Warcraft
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Excuse the lack of updates, please. I'm addicted to the ever time consuming World of Warcraft. I'm a guild leader so that's taking the majority of my free time.

Miriam and I are getting married on October 6th. No big ceremony, just going to a justice of the Peace and getting it done. Perhaps a big ceremony later :)

That's about all the exciting news I have!
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Dec. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:11 am WERRRRRRRRD
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Got the pictures of the house.  Wooo!

LJ cut so people don't kill me.Collapse )
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Dec. 3rd, 2005 @ 10:11 am werd.
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Moving into our new house today, won't be online til Wednesday.  I wasn't going to post pictures of the new place unless someone actually wants to see it.  Normally I don't care about these things but someone might.  Don't feel bad if you don't.
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Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 03:35 pm MEME
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Current Music: Marilyn Manson - Beutiful People
More than the MEME its self, this makes me laugh because the background is pink.

What kind of God are you?
Favourite Color
You earthly time was spent Raining torrents of blood while sailing over the prostrate masses in an iron chariot
Your throne is A humble respte overlooking the rolling hills of Elysia
You wear Nothing! And that is why people worship you
Your Godly superpower is Rivers of white-hot magma flowing from your eyes, slowly and mercilessly agonizing those who stand in your way and your fallen playthings. Forever.
This cool quiz by pelagicboreas - Taken 72773 Times.
Take Surveys and Get Cash!

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Oct. 18th, 2005 @ 01:25 pm Last weekend
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Alidan - With An Angel (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check
Last weekend I went to visit the remainder of Miriam's immediate family I'd not yet met.  That would be her sister Heidi.  I actually hadn't really MET her stepfather John, but rather said hello to him about 2 years ago and that was it.  If you can't tell, I'm not too fond of strangers so that would be why I hadn't talked to him since.

Anyway, we drove back to Culpeper on Friday to go visit the family after we picked Stephie (Miriam's sister) up in Richmond.  When we got there, the house was full of Heidi's kids.  She's got 5 but it seemed like 15.  John immediately offered me brandy (The drink, not a harlot) and I took him up on it.  Miriam had warned me John socializes by getting his guests drunk and I was no different.  However, I welcomed inebriation because that meant my mind would be elsewhere.  I never got drunk.

We played cards for about 5 hours using change instead of chips.  John say with $3 in change and left with $15, although that was his claim and I could have sworn it looked like he sat with more than $3.  It was dealer's choice so we pretty much alternated between 5 card draw, deuces wild, lowball, and limit texas hold'em.  It was pretty fun but I think I may have broken even.

Oh yeah, coming back in from smoking I managed to somehow ram my side into the handle on their screen door.  I felt it when it happened but I masked it as I didn't want Miriam's family thinking I was a pussy, but it really did hurt like a bitch.  I checked it in a mirror the next day and had a huge scratch that looked as though it had been bleeding.  Whatever.

Saturday I said my goodbyes to the family and went to Josh's house for the remainder of the weekend.  We basically didn't do anything.  We did, however, decide that we were going to play some poker for real money; $5 a person Sit N Go tournament format.  The only problem is that in tournaments, the blinds go up periodically and neither Josh nor his wife would let me increase them.  They just had a baby so this wasn't really surprising; they're being tight asses with their money.  But later I thought, why would they gamble with it in the first place?

Anyway, Heather was short stacked so that's why she didn't want to.  Josh would literally go an hour without really being in a hand.  His step-brother Brandon was playing and I took him out early after spotting a pretty ginormous tell.  Then Josh, Heather, and I basically sat there for 4 hours not doing shit.  I would raise, they would fold.  It was coming up on 2am and I was tired and had to wake up early Sunday morning to head back home.  Josh finally made a move and of course the one move he makes in 4 hours is a semi bluff.  He goes all in with nothing but a straight draw.  I call with a pair of aces because at that point, I just didn't care.

He goes all in after the flop and has a look on his face like he didn't expect me to call.  I didn't care at this point, really.  He deals the turn, no help.  On the river, I notice he doesn't burn the first card but rather looks at it and then lays it down slowly.  It's the 3 that gives him his straight.  He cheated and I didn't care.  I was left with virtually no chips so a couple hands later, I give him the rest of my chips in another hand that he sucks out on.  Got up, went to smoke, came back in and put my $5 on the table and took my ass to bed.

So that was my weekend.  I'm now pretty anti-social and will be watching Josh like a hawk when we play for real money in the future.
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Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 07:20 am Want to have the same weird geek orgasm I just did?
Current Music: Pink Floyd - Breathe
First look at this picture of the new "Nintendo Revolution" console controller.

Soak it in for a minute.  My first thought was, "What the fuck have they done?  How can I play a game with this shit?" which is, I imagine, the sentiment that will be shared by most.  Alright, now that you've got that all soaked in.. watch this video.

I really, really want one.  Miriam, we should get one :D  It's not even like cluttered with buttons.  If you turn it on its side, it's an original NES controller.  I want to sword fight.
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Sep. 13th, 2005 @ 01:06 pm Holy fucking shit.



This is the gayest thing I've ever seen.. this is not homophobia.  This is really really gay beyond belief. 

joshualore, you're the only gay guy I know on livejournal.  Please chime in..
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Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 04:08 pm Well, I've joined the bandwagon.
Current Mood: amusedamused

My very first ytmnd in honor of the late great Michael Brown of FEMA.
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Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 05:20 pm Lalala
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Current Music: Kay Cee - Escape
So I guess I should chime in since lately my posts have been nothing but poker screenshots.

Miriam and I are kinda engaged -- for all intensive purposes we ARE engaged, but there is something that warrants the 'kinda' that I shall not discuss as it's personal and what-not.

Went to Josh's for Labor Day weekend.  It was nice to chill out -- played poker on Friday night and won when it was just me, Josh, his wife, his brother in-law, and Miriam.  Saturday 4 more people came over and we all played something called TV Trivia.  I don't know if you've ever heard of it but basically there's 4 wireless controllers with 1-5 buttons on them.  A question pops up on the screen and you hit a button and depending on the speed of your answer, you're given more points or less points.  Played random trivia first and I came in second.  Played television trivia second and I came in last because although I'm the king of TV, it was asking some bunk ass shit about 60's shows.

Anyway, after that dibacle we got a bigger game of poker going.  This time 9 people were playing, including Josh's 6 year-old daughter.  Chris, Nancy, David, and Michelle were also playing and I felt so bad because the first out of the game was Nancy... and she was knocked out by the 6 year old.  Five minutes later she screams from the living room, "I GOT BUSTED BY A FUCKIN 6 YEAR OLD!" and we all laughed at her.  What are friends for?

I ended up losing a substantial pot to the 6 year-old as well.  She always bet so you never know what she had -- I had top pair and figured they were good.  She would just pick up different color chips and arrange them in some pretty pattern and say "Raise!".  She happened to think black and green chips were particularly pretty and I thought they were too as the 6 year-old was basically firing out with the chips worth the most.  She showed me 2 pair and I crawled into a hole.

The newcomer Michelle, completely new to the game, took the rest of us out.  She had tells a-plenty but I couldn't get a hand where I could use them to my advantage.  On my last hand with her, I flop an open ended straight draw and a flush draw.  The flop is nothing but rags and I raised about 5k before the flop so I know she didn't hit it.  So I fire at her on every street down to the river, where I've missed both of my draws.  She's telling me she doesn't have shit the whole way not verbally but just by the way she looked and I said the fated words, "All-in".  She thinks about 4 seconds and says "Well I gotta see now" and turns over a pair of fookin 7's.  I don't know which was more annoying -- the fact that she called 5k preflop with King 7 or that she chased my doubled bets to the river chasing nothing but air and then called a bet that would cripple her with 7's to a board that had her crushed with any 2 cards but mine.  Anyway, that was that.

Oh yeah, I don't know if I've mentioned Josh's brother in-law Brandon before, but he's a 15 year old brat.  One of those kids that dresses in all name brand or he doesn't dress at all, owns 2 playstations, one for each parents' house, and is basically spoiled rotten.  Well to go along with that, he's also got an ego the size of the Earth.  Being that he's got this ego, he likes to challenge me to XBox games knowing I'm used to Playstation.  Last weekend's game was Madden 2006.  I told him the last Madden I'd played was 2004 but I didn't tell him at what frequency I still play Madden 2004.  He beats me in the first game as I'm getting used to the controller and this annoying fucking "feature" called QB Vision or something.  My major strength in Madden is my running game and my defense, though.  He plays with no team but the Eagles and the second game I know that they've got crappy corners so I pick the Colts.  I blow him out with the Colts.  He plays me with a few other teams and I blow him out some more.  Finally I tell him I'll play him with the Cardinals and I won't even pass -- he's practically salivating.

Enter the moment that makes my whole weekend.  The look of pure defeat on his face as I roll over him by 50 points by doing nothing but running.  I had a few interceptions and fumbles I ran back on him, but after every one he'd launch himself back into the couch and say "God damn it!"  and then later to Chris, "Man, he beat me with the fucking Cardinals." and Chris' reply, "Beat?"

So that was my weekend.  I should probably LJ-cut this but I'm not nice enough so neener.
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Aug. 31st, 2005 @ 11:18 pm winner winner chicken dinner
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

2 more to go
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